Piano Tuning Repair & Appraisals

Piano Maintenance Requirements:

    • Pianos should be placed away from heating/cooling vents. An inner wall is preferable, however, with better insulated homes this is less important.
    • Yearly tuning is sufficient for most pianos. Professional and institutional pianos, such as those in schools and churches, usually require 2 to 4  tunings yearly.
    • As a Professional Tuner/Technician, I can advise you on all aspects of repair and maintenance, including Dampp- Chaser installation and service. The Dampp- Chaser is a humidity-control system, that is hidden, and maintains approx 50% relative humidity, year-round, inside your piano! Just ask for a reference, from one of my happy DC owners!

Make sure to keep your piano and guitar as well as all your musical instruments that need it in tune.