For the serious, aspiring Pianist…

The Margarita Genova Piano Studio

The Margarita Genova Piano Studio

Piano Lessons for New and Experienced Students, both Children and Adults.

Perhaps you’d like to introduce your child to the many benefits of piano study?

Or maybe you’re looking for a fun, but more challenging instructor for an existing student?

Or perhaps you’d like to start piano lessons yourself, or pick up where you stopped years ago?

At the Margarita Genova piano studio, you can reach the goals you set for your child or yourself in an atmosphere that combines old-world musicianship with the latest, most innovative techniques of piano study.

Margarita provides a nuturing, fun environment for new students and a supportive, detail oriented experience for developing young pianists.  And she’s particularly attuned to the needs and challenges facing adult students.

And she’s right here in the Collegeville/Trappe area, practically across the street from Upper Perkiomen High School!

Why do Pianos go “out of tune”?…

Changes in humidity and temperature, cause the soundboard and wooden frame parts, to expand and contract. During winter heating months, the soundboard shrinks and the pitch goes down. In the summer, the opposite occurs – humidity causes expansion and the pitch rises. Dampp-Chaser Systems greatly reduce these effects and also prevent corrosion and other problems.